ProMoss™ is the world’s first all natural, sustainable plant-based industrial water treatment solution. It relies on Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and subsequently treat each surface touched by the treated water.  ProMoss™ requires no chemical feed or control system. It is simple to use and naturally removes and prevents new formation of contaminants. The result is reduced corrosion, scaling and protection of the surfaces the treated water interacts with.


How It Works

ProMoss™ programs are simple to administer. The treatments are cost effective + seamless to integrate into your water treatment system. To use, ProMoss™ is simply introduced in a submersible chamber in the tower basin or bypass feeder. Results are typically evident within a month. The water will be clear with decreased corrosivity, foamless + scale free.



Using ProMoss™ in tandem with an approved biocide is an effective method of keeping cooling towers free from Legionella infestation.


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