We know two things — Water + Chemistry.

Whether we’re blending formulas in our lab or engineering automation + control solutions, our commitment is the same — Optimize industrial water usage, keep our water safe + ultimately leave this planet a little better than we found it.


We’re Water Chemistry nerds.

‘We started making water treatment chemicals in the 70’s. Today it’s as much of a challenge + thrill as it was back then — Maybe more so.

We immerse ourselves in every aspect of the science behind industrial water treatment so when you come to us with a challenge, we’re positioned to deliver a spot on solution.

When we can leverage our infrastructure, innovation + experience to problem solve, it makes what we do a whole lot of fun.’


Our Solutions

At Browne Labs, we’re committed to creating full service solutions that facilitate water system efficiency, safety, reliability + cost effectiveness. That commitment starts in our lab and continues through delivery, maintenance + support.


Treatment Applications

Our treatment applications are tailored to meet your specific needs. We use onsite analysis, lab testing + proprietary software to engineer fully customized, cost-effective solutions.

Private Label

In our private label division, we formulate custom solutions in our onsite lab. Then, we manufacture + ship our products to private label water treaters across North America.

Monitoring + Automation

We provide software powered real time monitoring systems for comprehensive water quality reporting — in your control room or from the palm of your hand.


Hands Free Delivery

Our team handles the chemicals so you don’t have to. Our Hands Free delivery solution streamlines the transport of chemicals from our facility to your onsite storage tanks.

Sustainability Solutions

Our job is to leave this planet a little better than we found it. From conserving water to reducing energy, we are deeply committed to protecting our environment.

Lab Services

We’re a boutique lab — where customized solutions meet hands-on service + collaboration. Whether you need testing services or a custom formulation, our lab has you covered.


Industries we serve

Over the last 40 years we have partnered with industries ranging from manufacturers to healthcare. When it comes to understanding your industry, we set the bar for developing custom treatments tailored to the nuances, standards and specifications of your unique space.



Our textile specific treatment applications are customized to the unique needs of each client. Common treatments range from cooling water systems to treatments that remove dye and other agents from waste water.



Since our inception, we’ve been a trusted water treatment resource for the healthcare industry, reducing energy + water usage to extend the useful life of your equipment + reduce your overall maintenance costs.


Pulp + Paper

We have developed custom treatments for board and packaging, tissue and towel, fine papers, and newsprint operations. These solutions reduce customer costs, improve efficiency, extend asset life, and reduce plant downtime.



Specializing in eco friendly green technology paint detackification — we also provide comprehensive automotive manufacturing water + wastewater treatment solutions tailored to your unique specifications. We’re you’re one stop shop.