private Label Solutions

People crafted chemistry — We’re the science behind your brand.



With over 40 years of experience in the development + application of water treatment solutions, we know water chemistry. In our private label division, we are committed to delivering custom formulated water treatment products + support to water treaters across the country. From our corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we blend custom solutions in our onsite lab. Then, we manufacture + ship our products to private label water treaters across North America.


How It Works

Whether you have a blend in mind or just a water sample, our private label product development, delivery + support process ensures that we are equipped to meet you where you are. Our collaborative onsite + field engineering teams partner with you to tailor the right solution for your unique specifications. From initial testing to final delivery, our lab services team works closely with our engineering, manufacturing + sales team to ensure that your needs drive product development, delivery + support.


Why Us?

Our raw materials, our manufacturing processes, our experience, our collaborative approach — and most importantly — our commitment to excellence, allow us to provide industry leading private label solutions at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality guarantees private label Water Treatment products + support you can depend on.


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