Monitoring + Control Systems 

We provide software powered real time monitoring systems for comprehensive water quality reporting — in your control room or from the palm of your hand.



Technology has changed the way we monitor + analyze treatment systems. Our technology allows customers to easily access, analyze and manage their water treatment programs. Real time data, reporting + remote management capabilities allow for timely troubleshooting, efficient management + ultimately enormous cost + time savings.


How it Works

First, data is collected. A controller collects data from sensors in your water treatment system. Data collected ranges from pH, ORP + corrosion to conductivity + chlorine levels. There are parameters set for each metric. Then, data from the sensors is perpetually monitored + analyzed to determine if any metrics skew from normal ranges based on the set parameters. Customized settings + user preferences can be established to automatically adjust chemicals to ensure proper feed levels are maintained. Operators and system engineers can vet effectiveness of the technology + have the ability to conduct manual audits by inputting their own samples.



Users can access raw data, reporting + analytics in a variety of ways. Access raw data from your control panel. Access reports from both onsite or remote portals with out web based options. Our Monitoring + Control systems allows users to access information from pretty much anywhere. Users can view reports, system history, inventory levels, alarms and notifications, and system trends from a tablet, smartphone, PC, or control room, 24/7.


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